JUNE 2023

Are you looking for a model that could add value to your personal portfolio? 

In that case I might be the perfect match for you!

My greatest passion is posing for portfolio work. Why? Because you as a photographer can let your creativity run wild and that's so much fun!

Together we will make amazing art.

On this page you'll find events for photographers. Either I have rented a location for 1-1 shoots with me somewhere or you can register for a group event. As always you can of course book me elsewhere on a different date for a 1-1 shoot. Send me your moodboard!

1-1 shoot Amsterdam (NL)

9-12 june 2023

Friday June 9th availability region Amsterdam. I'm staying between Hilversum and Amsterdam. I don't have a location on this date, but I am available for any moodboard. 

Shoot event in Dongen (NL)

18 june 2023 (fully booked)

This is an event where multiple photographers and models gather in order to inspire each other. We are working with everyone so we can realise new, veried and strong portfolio material. This at one versatile location.

Location: The Art Of You Studio in Dongen, NL

Timing: from 10:00h to 17:30h

Price: 320 euros p.p. excl. VAT

There will be individual shooting time with each model. I'm working with a planning so everyone has the same amount of time to shoot. You're teamed up per 2, so you won't have people overload. It's so much fun when everything falls into place!

Studio flashes (Elinchrom), soft boxes, beauty dishes, reflectors, diffusors and grids are present at the location. 

Drinks included.

Everyone will make unique photos. Creativity will be encouraged. 

Limited spots. Max 12 photographers. 7 models.

This event is fully booked. Do you want to know when the next one will be? I will e-mail you!


Lingerie workshop Utrecht (NL)

With Richard Hoogendijk

Saturday June 24th workshop time with Richard

Ideal for beginners and portfolio hunters. Good price!

Feel Good Fotostudio

De Limiet 3D in Vianen

Can't attend

one of my events?

Don't worry, we can still shoot!